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Dr. Oscar Oeding

Dr. Danilo Solano Vargas

Dr. Victor Eduardo Alvarez Murillo

Dr. Gustavo Chavarría León

Dr. Alberto Jose Arguello Choiseul

Dr. Arnoldo Fournier

Dr. Roberto Velázquez

Dra. Tamara Velázquez

Dra. Olga Montoya

Dr. Marios Saenz

Dr. Jacobo Zafrani

Dr. Javier Brenes

Dr. Mauricio Mora

Dr. Guillermo Cortes

DR. Mario Speranza

Dr. Marcial Fallas

DR.William Perez

Dr. Alexander León Sánchez Cabo

Dr. Ronald Alberto Salazar


Dr. Marios Saenz

Orthopedist Specialist in Weight loss / Laparoscopic Speciality / Bariatric Surgery:

* Doctor in Medicine and Surgery, University of Costa Rica, February, 1991
* University Residence in Surgery, April, 1982 through 1986
* Specialty in General Surgery, University of CostaRica, June 1986
* Specialty in Medical Emergencies, University of Costa Rica, 1995

* Training course at Oncological Clinic, Endoscopic Diagnostic and Digestive Tract Therapeutic.
* Surgery of gastrointestinal cancer.NationalCancerCenter, Tokyo, Japan, 1989.
* Training course, Emergency Surgery, CriticalCareMedicineCenter, NipponMedicalSchool, Tokyo, Japan, 1989.
* Training course, Laparoscopic Surgery, Valencia Hospital, Venezuela, August, 1992.
* Organizational course of the Civil Defense, under disaster situations, Mashav, Israel, August, 1993.
* Advanced laparoscopic surgery course, July 2000, Professors Carlos Ballesta-Dr. José Luis Salvador,
* Surgeon’s from Spain Association.
* Intensive course“Hands On” of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, Sept. 13-17, 2005.
* Intensive course “Hands On” of Laparoscopic Colon Surgery and rectum, Sept. 20-23, 2005.
* TrainingCenter and Investigation of Laparoscopic Surgery and Mini Invasive Surgery
* National University of NortheastArgentina.
* Coordinator course “Gold Standard” in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, ClinicaBiblicaHospital,March 13-16, 2006.
* Course, How to perform laparoscopic gastric bypass surgeries.Various techniques, treatment pre-operative
* Sevilla, Spain, October, 2005.
* IX Meeting of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, Barcelona Hospital Clinic, May 15-17, 2006.
* Training Program in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, General Hospital of Castellón, Spain, May 18 through June 3rd, 2006.
* Coordinator course for Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, ClinicaBiblicaHospital,March 14-16, 2007
* SAGES 2007 course Scientific Session and Postgraduate Courses, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 18-22, 2007.
* Dissertation Course “Hands On” of Postgraduate study in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, Corrientes, Argentina, Sept. 4-8, 2008.
* Instructor Course “Hands On” # of Advanced Postgraduate Laparoscopic Surgery, Sept. 4-8, 2008.
* Meeting of the Spain Association of Surgeon’s, San Sebastían, Denosita, Oct. 23-25, 2008.
* Seminary Participant in Emergencies and Disasters, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Feb. 2002.
* Expositor in the V Congress of the Japanese Association of Medicine in Emergencies and Disasters.
* Theme: Regional Plan of Reduction in Disasters in Central America and the Dominican Republic, Tokyo, Japan, Feb., 2000.
* Assisted as “Distinguished Visitor” at the FAHUM 2000, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Feb. 2000.
* Representative of Costa Rica in a Seminar Course,Reduction of the vulnerability with Natural Disasters in Central America. O.E.A., New Mexico, USA, Sept., 1999.
* Representative of Costa Rica in the Regional Plan Course of the Reduction of Disasters, Montelimar, Nicaragua,Sept., 1999.
* Expositor of the Decade Information of Costa Rica, Forum DIRDN, Ginebra, Switzerland, July, 1999.
* Attended a course for the elaboration of the National Plan of Education on Risks and Disasters.San José, Costa Rica, August 25 through October 20, 1999.
* Assistance at the Second Interamerican Dialogue for the reduction of disasters. WashingtonD.C., Dec., 1998.

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