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Dr. Oscar Oeding

Dr. Danilo Solano Vargas

Dr. Victor Eduardo Alvarez Murillo

Dr. Gustavo Chavarría León

Dr. Alberto Jose Arguello Choiseul

Dr. Arnoldo Fournier

Dr. Roberto Velázquez

Dra. Tamara Velázquez

Dra. Olga Montoya

Dr. Marios Saenz

Dr. Jacobo Zafrani

Dr. Javier Brenes

Dr. Mauricio Mora

Dr. Guillermo Cortes

DR. Mario Speranza

Dr. Marcial Fallas

DR.William Perez

Dr. Alexander León Sánchez Cabo

Dr. Ronald Alberto Salazar


Dr. Oscar Oeding


Orthopedic procedures and treatment are under the care of Doctor Oscar Oeding Bermudez.


Orthopedic Surgeon.

Hip, knee, shoulder replacement surgery.

Education & Training

Bachelor’s degree: College of Le Salle. Cartagena. Colombia. 1984. VERIFIED.
Surgeon Physician:. Barranquilla University. Colombia. From 1984 to 1991.
Degree recognized by the University of Costa Rica since February 13, 1997.
Recognized by the Costa Rican College of Physicians and Surgeons since November 7, 1997. VERIFIED 11/15/2006.
Rotating Intern. Performed at the Barranquilla University Hospital, June 12, 1989 to June 11, 1990, in Barranquilla, Colombia. VERIFIED 12/02/2006.
Orthopedist – Specialist in Orthopedic and Traumatology
University of Costa Rica. From 1992 to 1996. Title recognized by the Juan de Dios Hospital, the Social Insurance of Costa Rica, The Strategic Development Center and Health Information and Social Security (CENDEISS).
University Professor In Health Sciences ((FUCODOCSA)
Recognized by the Costa Rican College of Physicians and Surgeons from Nov. 7, 1997 to November 7, 2007. VERIFIED 11/14/2006.
1984 – 1991 University del Norte, Colombia, S. A. Barranquilla, Col Licensed in Medicine and Surgery.
1992 – 1996 Costa Rica University San Jose , CR
International Affiliate Member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons – membership current.

Languages Spoken:

English Spanish French

Professional Experience:

Major Orthopedic Procedures through 2007 – 2010
Arthroscopic Knee (Meniscal Repair) – 490
ACL Repair – 327
Total Knee Replacements – 450
Total Hip Replacements – 577
Shoulder Surgeries (arthroscopic and open) – 498


1. Are you board certified? Yes, medical license # 4990.
2. What happens in case of a medical emergency (if something goes wrong)? We have emergency protocols to deal with emergency situations.
3. What is the typical follow up for your most commonly performed procedures and what do those include? 10 days follow up, with physical therapy and control visits.
4. Are your surgeries assisted? If so by whom and what are their credentials? My assistants are board certified orthopedic surgeons also.
5. Do you specialize in certain procedures (more so than others)? Shoulder and knee arthroscopy; hip, shoulder and knee replacements.
6. How many procedures do you perform a day? Three or four per day.
7. How will I get my care and medication when I'm discharged from the clinic/hospital? I’ll do follow up visits and take care of any problem.
8. Are there consultation fees? If you pay for a procedure that includes follow up visits.
9. Do you speak English? Yes, I do.


(Joint Commission International JCI, http://www.jointcommissioninternational.org) is an organisation that has been working to provide accreditation services for hospitals around the world since 1999. Since then, approximately 450 public and private health care organizations in 50 countries have been accredited or certified by JCI. Hospitals use JCI accreditation to show that they have attained an internationally respected and recognised standard in their internal processes and patient care.

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