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Mole Removal

Moles or nevi are known as pigmented melanin layer accumulations that vary in color. The color depends on the skin tone of each person, and in the amount of melanin layers. In many cases, moles are darker the skin tone, and the color is proportional to the amount of melanin in the skin areas. In white skin tone, the average amount of moles per person run around sixty, and are normally formed between childhoods through adolescence. They grow accordingly to the development of each individual.

In order to determine if the moles or nevi, should be removed with surgery, the specialist has to examine them under the following parameters: Size: If the moles are over 6mm. Location: If the moles are located in areas used for support such as the sole of the feet, palm of the hands, areas where the underwear or brassiere have support, etc. or any place where the areas tends to suffer changes due to continuous friction.

Growth: If the moles suddenly form and grow continuously for an unknown reason invading the skin. Other reasons: If the mole presents a sudden change in its behavior such as pain, burning sensation, color change, a halo or shadow formation around the mole, sudden bleedings, and patient has more than 100 moles in their body, etc.

The mole removal procedure is usually done under local anesthesia as an outpatient. Antibiotics should be taken ten days in total; two days prior the procedure, the day of the procedure and for seven more days after the procedure.

The mole(s) is sent for a biopsy. It normally takes from 4-7 working days to receive the result (s). The stitches are removed within a period of 7-14 days after the procedure. This period depends on the area where the moles were located.

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